To everyone who thinks it’s crazy to get engaged and married at a young age, here’s what I have to say

I’m sure numerous of people always have something to say, especially when they see someone getting engaged, married, having children so young. Everyone assumes. Assumes they know why or assumes it’s stupid and not going to work out.

Well here’s my standpoint being a 20 year old college girl, happily engaged.
When I was a little girl I didn’t say oh this is when I’m gonna get married or this is the man I’ll marry or give myself some sort of checklist.
However, when I came across the man of my dreams, there was no question. No doubt. No reason to wait to commit forever with him.
From the day I fell head over heals for him. To the day we had those few rough arguments. To the best moments in between. I never paused and thought “this may not work out”. In fact when we had a break for a few months, in that time I realized most that he is the man I must marry someday, even if we needed our time away.
You see, I’m 20.. yeah I’m in school, I’m not even 21 yet or experienced the party scene.. yeah I’m young. But what you don’t see is what’s behind closed doors. For me and many of other people who are engaged at a young age. The day my fiancĂ© proposed, I was ecstatic. There is nothing I wanted more than to be his wife. 
I don’t look at it as missing out on being young or seeing what’s out there because once you find that person. The one who changes everything. The one who makes you the best person you ever believed possible. The one who loves you from head to toe, it’s not missing out. It’s starting forever with your soulmate and gaining that extra time with young years. Its experiencing struggles together and facing any battle. It’s not missing out, it’s rolling over every morning kissing your husband and knowing there’s no better place in the world.
For some.. they may want to be single, party, experience new things and new people. And that’s okay. But for some, like me.. once you find your person. The one whom you know is your soulmate. The one whom no one will ever compare too. You don’t let him go, you pull him closer. You promise him forever. You hop on board to the journey of life together. 
So no, I’m not missing out on anything. I am perfectly content with my life and whose in it. And I will forever choose him, over and over each and every single day for the rest of my life. He’s my person. 


Nothing else ever really made sense but you and I did

I don’t know why the grass is green or the sky is blue or why we are taught things that we never use in life. But I know one thing that’s true, you and i make complete sense. 

Out of the million questions I’ve ever had that remain unanswered, you were the only thing that I never once doubted, that I never once had to question. You understood me and I understood you, it was something we didn’t even have to discuss it came naturally.

You know I worry a lot about a lot of little things, but you are never a worry of mine. I used to be scared to fall in love, I was scared I wouldn’t feel it so strongly or that I would get my heartbroken and remain cold.. but when I fell in love with you, it happened in the blink of an eye. Our love is something so real I never have to question. 

I don’t know if I believe in fairytales and all those things were taught growing up. I don’t know if everything happens for a reason or sometimes you get hurt because better things are coming your way. But I’m happy we wet  picked for one another, I’m happy you’re the one I get to spend forever with, I’m happy I get to spend a lifetime loving you. 

Nobody really understood us. They believed it was impossible for the two of us to ever last. Maybe we once believed that too, but when people looked at us together, they could feel it too. The connection, the vibrations, the love. We are crazy in love, when I look in your eyes I see our future together I see all the greatness. Before I met you, I was never scared to lose anyone or anything, but when I laid in your arms I realized I may lose apart of me if you ever left me. That’s when I realized I needed to let my guard down, I needed to let you in.

I’m so thankful everyday for being the girl you changed for. And I’m so thankful for you being the guy I changed for. We thought soulmates was made up before we met. But now, it all makes sense. I understand how it’s possible to love someone so much. To do anything for that person. To grow with that person. So thank you for being you, thank you for being my person that I’m lucky enough to spend forever with, thank you for being the one thing in my life that always made sense 

How I fell for my fwb(friends w benefits) without even realizing it..

When I met him, I saw a man that was hardworking, sweet, kind, and not looking for anything serious either.. He was a bad boy but something about him drew me in. Maybe it was the way he carried himself or the way he would smile at me.. I was so intrigued. I needed to know more. From the start, we made it clear we both weren’t looking for a relationship or anything serious for that matter. It was just going to be “for fun”. And that it was.

We became bestfriends overnight it felt like. We were so open and honest with one another and it was relieving being around someone who knew your intentions and didn’t expect the world from you. It was exciting and new and we both just wanted to enjoy what we had while it lasted. I was myself around him, I didn’t have to pretend or fake something I wasn’t. I was able to laugh and smile and goof around with him, that undeniably scared me. But I ignored it. The friendship we grew in such a short time was one I realized I was scared to lose.. And this is when I began to worry.. Was I falling for him?

Being comfortable with someone else is an amazing feeling. Not having to hide any parts of you and being able to talk to them about anything, its kind of just.. calming. After a few months of talking and hanging out here and there, I found out he had someone else. In that moment, I realized, “well shit.. I think I may be in love with him”.. it was crazy and I convinced myself I was losing it and who was I to have anything to say or to judge based on the situation.. I was a nobody. I was simply his bestfriend. I dated around and what not while we talked, but it was never the same. With him, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I felt like nothing else in the world mattered. I realized.. we had broke all the rules fwb are suppose to do.. Now what?

After all, we broke every single rule the more I looked at it. We became so comfortable with one another, we would find ourselves cuddling skin on skin and laughing and kissing.. We found ourselves sending random texts throughout the week when something good happens or you saw something that made you think of them..We began to get bothered when they wouldn’t answer our message right away, lowkey wondering what are they doing?is she with him?is he with her? are they thinking about me? Countless amounts of questions wed never admit. We began to rather hangout with one another instead of go out to dinner with our dates, or go to a party, or anything else.. because quality time was just “more fun”.We began being there for each other a lot more emotionally and realized no one quite understood us like one another.

Months and months go by, and suddenly one random night, we look at each other and realize we fell in love. Absolutely not on purpose, without plan, without even trying. We fell helplessly in love with one another. And that my friends.. is how you fall in love with your bestfriend without even noticing it.