To everyone who thinks it’s crazy to get engaged and married at a young age, here’s what I have to say

I’m sure numerous of people always have something to say, especially when they see someone getting engaged, married, having children so young. Everyone assumes. Assumes they know why or assumes it’s stupid and not going to work out.

Well here’s my standpoint being a 20 year old college girl, happily engaged.
When I was a little girl I didn’t say oh this is when I’m gonna get married or this is the man I’ll marry or give myself some sort of checklist.
However, when I came across the man of my dreams, there was no question. No doubt. No reason to wait to commit forever with him.
From the day I fell head over heals for him. To the day we had those few rough arguments. To the best moments in between. I never paused and thought “this may not work out”. In fact when we had a break for a few months, in that time I realized most that he is the man I must marry someday, even if we needed our time away.
You see, I’m 20.. yeah I’m in school, I’m not even 21 yet or experienced the party scene.. yeah I’m young. But what you don’t see is what’s behind closed doors. For me and many of other people who are engaged at a young age. The day my fiancĂ© proposed, I was ecstatic. There is nothing I wanted more than to be his wife. 
I don’t look at it as missing out on being young or seeing what’s out there because once you find that person. The one who changes everything. The one who makes you the best person you ever believed possible. The one who loves you from head to toe, it’s not missing out. It’s starting forever with your soulmate and gaining that extra time with young years. Its experiencing struggles together and facing any battle. It’s not missing out, it’s rolling over every morning kissing your husband and knowing there’s no better place in the world.
For some.. they may want to be single, party, experience new things and new people. And that’s okay. But for some, like me.. once you find your person. The one whom you know is your soulmate. The one whom no one will ever compare too. You don’t let him go, you pull him closer. You promise him forever. You hop on board to the journey of life together. 
So no, I’m not missing out on anything. I am perfectly content with my life and whose in it. And I will forever choose him, over and over each and every single day for the rest of my life. He’s my person.