Anxiety is real. It exists. For all of those who think it’s made up or people fake it, I’m here to explain how it feels. I’m here to explain the cruelty of it.

I never had anxiety growing up.. up until high school I didn’t even know what it was. As stress built up and my thoughts took over my head, the days felt like years, and soon enough I was up in the middle of the night shaking and crying and some of the time I didn’t even really know why. It just happens.

Anxiety can sometimes get worse in time. I was one to never deal with change well and with relationships, I was always giving too much and not getting anything in return. The nights laying awake shaking and frusturated seemed to get worse. Even worse, nobody believed me. Everyone said I was just having a bad day or that I was upset and stressed out. Everyone said I can control it. Everyone is wrong. 

You can’t control anxiety. Anxiety takes over you. It makes you overthink the worst possible scenarios. In some cases it causes you to make yourself depressed or sick to your stomach. Anxiety is one of the worst things you can ever experience. Because you can’t fight against it. Your head will overflow and overflow with thoughts and worries and it will cause your body to get nervous and shake and not sleep.. 

Anxiety is brutal, if you know someone who suffers from it, be understanding, be a good listener, but most of all, believe them.. and be there for them. Anxiety is a lot less painful when you have a loved one holding you. 


Author: kittttykattt

20 year old writer. Letting all the words you cant say flow onto paper is the best way to let out your emotions. Believer in love, living life to the fullest, and pursuing my dreams.

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