This is why you should date the girl who waits for you..

A few years ago, I was indeed the “fool” as everyone said that was waiting for a guy to come around and come to his senses.. and here’s why I encourage you to choose the girl who waits.

She genuinely cares for you.

Nobody is going to wait around for anyone or anything unless they are sure that their feelings are real and true. She isn’t going to sit around for nothing, if she’s patiently waiting for you, I promise there’s a lot more there than you think. She knows her feelings aren’t going anywhere, she’s confident they will not change nor fade. She lets you have space, time, whatever you need, because she knows in her heart how she feels and she loves you enough to be patient until maybe one day you admit your feelings too.

She has patience, but most of all she understands why you do the things you do.. And she’s okay with it(for now).

I’m not saying she’s going to wait FOREVER for you. But she will wait quite some time in hope one day you come to her. The thing about a girl who genuinely loves you, she understands you on a more complex, deeper level than anyone else you’ve ever come in contact with. She gets that sometimes everything isn’t so easy. Sometimes it can be hard, difficult, confusing, complicated, and as much as she wants to slap some sense into what’s in front of you.. she understands you must figure it out on your own. She understands she isn’t your girlfriend, or has any kind of label right now, perhaps you’re with someone else or you’re entertaining other women, and even though the odds aren’t with her right now, she’s happy for you because your happiness will always come before her own.

She promises to wait for you, and not let anyone else entertain her time.

Even if you’re out at the club.. or partying.. or taking home other woman.. or spending time with your girlfriend.. whatever the case may be, she’s not doing the same. Not because she’s crazy or stupid, but because she knows where her heart is at and she knows what she wants. So even if you do not choose her, she’s not out trying to find someone else. She will always be there for you, even when you least deserve it. To listen to your relationship problems or pick you up drunk at 2am.. she will ALWAYS answer because you matter to her. She will never stop choosing you, over and over again. Despite her plans, she will always cancel if it means spending time with you. Even though all her friends are telling her to give up on you, that you treat her like trash, that she deserves better, she ignores it because she believes in you. Even at your lowest.

You probably won’t ever find a girl who can compare to her.. that’s a promise

She waits not out of false hope, or craziness, or sadness.. she waits because she sees potential in you, and most of all she sees potential of you and her together. She tries and tries because she sees a side of you nobody else does.

She will forgive you over and over after you have hurt her.. 

see, this is different. Because I promise it will change if you ever get her to keep as yours. She will not forgive you once she is yours, she will be stern and strong and independent. She will not let you walk all over her. But while you are not hers, she will be your punching bag. She will let you get away with things and act naive.. I promise she knows everything. She will never treat you the way you treat her because she loves you too much to ever see you hurt. She’s seen it enough through other woman damaging you, she will not be another one to the list. She will forgive and do her best to forget if it means you two growing together and the slight chance of making it..

She won’t add stress to your life once you are with her..

When you do realize she’s the one you want to be with.. she will not put pressure on you or make you question things. She will be simply happy you are hers and she will treat you with respect and love at all times. She will never take you for granted and always show her appreciation she has for you. When you only give her 25% effort some days, she will give the 75%, she will be your rock. 

But here’s the thing, she can’t wait forever..

Although she’s patient and she loves you more than anything in her world, she will one day get tired of waiting and trying. And if you take too long, she will get sick of the confusing mind games and realize perhaps you can never give her what she needs in a man. You will miss every phone call, text, times she would stop by in the middle of the night because you were lonely. You’ll miss her touch and the way she would look at you in awe.. And when missing her becomes too much and you pick up the phone to give her a call , realizing you shouldn’t have kept her waiting.. you better hope and pray to God someone hasn’t beaten you to it and gave her all the things you couldn’t…

And if you’re one of the lucky ones like I was you will be with the man who was rare, special, but most of all that I saw potential in and whom I waited for.. if he’s worth it, don’t listen to everyone else, wait for him. Understand him. Love him. 


Author: kittttykattt

20 year old writer. Letting all the words you cant say flow onto paper is the best way to let out your emotions. Believer in love, living life to the fullest, and pursuing my dreams.

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