Until you meet the one..

Until you meet the one you wont get goosebumps down your spine and you wont feel a warm sensation running through your body. Until you meet the one a kiss will just be a kiss and I love you will just be words.. Until you meet the one you wont know the difference between infatuation and love. Until you meet the one you wont know the truth behind true heartbreak. Until you meet the one you wont understand the feeling of needing another human being.

Because weve all been through it. We meet someone and they give us butterflies and we fall in love with the idea of falling in love with them, but it never happens. We try and try and try till we cant try anymore but its simply not meant to be. We kiss them and smother them and spend every given moment with them, but still I love you isn’t in our vocabulary, its just not there.

Than you meet the one and suddenly butterflies become a zoo. The one makes you laugh uncontrollably and smile so much your cheeks hurt. The one will instantly make you feel safe in their arms and youll know theres nowhere else youd rather be. The one will make you fall more and more everyday. The one will kiss your imperfections and put you on a pedestal. The one will make saying I love you so god damn easy. The one will be clear as day when you meet them, so never settle for something average. Strive for your happy ending.


Author: kittttykattt

20 year old writer. Letting all the words you cant say flow onto paper is the best way to let out your emotions. Believer in love, living life to the fullest, and pursuing my dreams.

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