Love isn’t supposed to be easy

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.


Growing up we are taught that love is everything. That love will take away any problem you are going through or take away any kind of stress you have. We are taught love can turn our world inside out and make it perfect. We are taught love will be easy and fall into our laps when its ready too. I’m here to tell you why I disagree. I’m here to say that love isn’t all magic or fairytales or full of happily ever afters.

We think the second there is a problem in a relationship we should walk away, “it shouldn’t hurt to love right?” Wrong. So wrong. If it doesn’t hurt when your other is upset or angry or stressed, you don’t really love them. If your hurting when you get in a fight, youre doing it all right. Love is compromise, love is arguing and saying sorry ten minutes later because nothing is worth staying mad at, love is ugly words you know they don’t mean when theyre hurt by your actions or something you said, love is listening to them, being patient with them, forgiving them. Love is trusting them no matter who tries to get in the way or tear you guys apart(there will always be someone). Love is supporting them and never giving up.

Often.. people look for love in the wrong ways or places. First things first, never go looking for someone to love, you will not find them that way. People look for someone to fill the void of loneliness. People look for somebody to help them with insecurity issues or someone to take care of them or someone to support them financially, someone to make sadness go away from their past or present relationships with others. I see it everyday. People don’t even realize theyre not really in love until eventually one day youre confused as to why things didn’t work out? Because where was the real love? Where was the connection? The passion? The effort? The true love feeling?

Most people run the second things get rough. I, myself am guilty of this. The second you see bad overriding the god, you bounce, assuming there is no saving the relationship. I learned my lesson. Slow down. Don’t run away. Stay. Argue,bicker,yell,cry, let it all out. Just stay. Hear each other out. Communicate!! Stay because deep down you know theyre your person. Stay because you need them. Stay because you need to get through the bad to get to the good.

Love isn’t easy nor simple. Its messy, complicated, and chaotic. Its a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs. Its a journey that you never know what can be thrown at the two of you, but you have faith you can get through anything together. You need to look at the person you love and know there is no one else youd rather ride this journey with. And mean it. Love is beautiful at times but you need to be ready to face the ugly. You need to dig deep in one another and be prepared for anything. You both need to hurt and cry and understand ones flaws, to see if the love is really true.

Love is waking up everyday beside your person and falling in love more than yesterday. You never think its possible, but somehow it happens. Love is choosing the same person everyday no matter how difficult and a pain in the ass they can be. Love is knowing theres a billion options out there, but still only having eyes for your person. Love is a constant battlefield, it requires effort but most of all, it requires staying true. Love is looking at the person in the eyes and knowing nobody in the world couldn’t even come slightly close to comparing to them. “When I met you, I knew you were nowhere near perfect or easy to love, but I knew you perfect for me”. You must know what love is to feel it. You must find the one, your soulmate, your person before you can even understand the feeling. But my god, once you find it, cherish it, never take it for granted, fight for it, and embrace every moment.. Because not everyone is lucky enough to find true love. So if you do, never let it go.


Author: kittttykattt

20 year old writer. Letting all the words you cant say flow onto paper is the best way to let out your emotions. Believer in love, living life to the fullest, and pursuing my dreams.

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